Jana Joana has been enriching SĂŁo Paulo’s vibrant graffiti culture since 1998, and takes her inspiration from Brazil and women. She has used her ethereal style of painting to create urban art interventions, developing unique projects that embody the life experiences of women in the city. Jana Joana’s broad artistic background encompasses not only art exhibitions, but also scenography, illustration and lithography.

She describes her work as social, feminine and poetic: ‟I’ve always wanted to interact with the city. I depict women in an attempt to raise awareness of the feminine universe. Freedom, motherhood and women’s dreams can be interpreted in different ways. We wear different clothes. We have different bodies. We think differently. It’s only natural that I should be interested in the aspects, colors and themes of the feminine universe. I like to explore feminineness in my drawings, the sensitivity that every woman has. In addition, I seek the promotion of women as unique, creative human beings in society.”

Jana Joana has presented her work in Brazil, Cuba, the US and Europe.